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  • Rabies Virus 31D Peptide-[P(VP-co-AA)] Conjugates: Synthesis, Characterization and Cytotoxicity Evaluation 

    Arayic, Pelin Pelit; Acar, Tayfun; Ucar, Burcu; Karahan, Mesut; Mustafaeva, Zeynep; Atasever Arslan, Belkis (2019-04-16)
    The prevention of rabies disease, which has been the subject of many pieces of researches since ancient times, has become possible by vaccination. Therefore, new generation vaccine systems should be developed to achieve ...

    Pelit, Pelin; Acar, Tayfun; Karahan, Mesut (2014)
    TRANSCRIPTION Transcription means that the genetic informations stored in double-stranded DNA are copied or printed in the form of a single-stranded RNA molecule like mRNA, tRNA, rRNA [1]. The first stage of the flow of ...