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  • Maturation of Auditory Brainstem Responses in Babies from Birth to 6 Months of Age ABS 

    Ozturk, Burak (2012)
    ABSTRACT Objective: New born hearing screening plays an important role in making a diagnosis within the first six months of life in congenital he a ring losses. In this age group, the infant’s maturation is influential in ...
  • Medical ozone therapy for the inner ear acoustic trauma 

    Ozturk, Burak (2013)
    Objectives: The goal of the study was to look at the potential protective effect of ozone therapy by studying its antioxidant and vasodilatation effects against hearing loss caused by acoustic trauma. Methods: Thirty-two ...
  • Voice characteristics of acromegaly 

    Ozturk, Burak (2013-02)
    Acromegaly’s effect on voice is still indefinite. We aimed to define acoustic characteristics of patients with acromegaly. Cross-sectional case–control study was designed. Thirty-seven patients with acromegaly and ...